Throughout the centuries, Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage and learning for people from many different cultures and faiths. Never more so that in the present. Many people come to visit or live in Glastonbury, drawn to this Holy Isle for their own individual purposes, and together forming the widespread spiritual community of Avalon.

The Assembly Rooms is open in outlook, and non-discriminatory by nature. We promote  spiritual, artistic, educational, and cultural activities and encourage people of all faiths and spiritual paths to use our facilities for meetings, meditations, rites of passage and celebrations. Here, the many strands of our different spiritual paths and ways of living meet and continue to inspire.

We are currently seeking funding to refurbish the entire building, we want to improve the facilities and install a disabled lift and toilet. If you wish to offer your time, skills or resources, we invite you to look at our Get Involved page and Contact Us.

We are owned and run by Shareholders. We still have a very limited number of Shares available.. if this interests you, let us know.