Hall hire does not include P.A. and sound technician.

We do have various soundsystem options in Hall, available for a very small fee, to keep things maintained …(this is free for community type events).

*What we can provide…. Opus system consisting of double 18” bass bins & double 12”/horn mid tops..(lovely for live bands) Peavey HDH system consisting of double 18” bass bins, and horned mid tops. Various flight-cased amps, digital crossover etc. All of this can be run together (ideal for dance events) or a choice of either speaker set up. Small 500w Gemini system consisting of Powered bass unit, and two top speakers.. ideal for conferences etc. We also have 32chnl multicore running length of hall.

32 chn Allen & Heath GL4200 mixing desk, Small Allen&Heath Z10FX mixing desk, various mics & stands.. (we do not have a drum mic kit).. and simple stage monitoring. Technics SL1210 turntables, and Allen&Heath DJ mixer. 8chnl passive D.I. box, two active D.I. boxes.
In-house tech is provided for simple Community event type stage set ups. For more complicated set ups, Hirer will arrange Tech.

Lighting. The hall has halogen stage lights, side mounted, facing stage, and 4 LeD pars facing stage. There is also 10 ‘moving head’ lights if they are required, 4 UV strips, two strobes..and currently an Avolites Pearl lighting desk. All of this comes with hall hire fee, if set up and left for event. If you require controlled lighting throughout event this can be arranged at a very reasonable fee with our local friendly Lighting company. Extra lighting etc can also be brought in.

Internet. We have had our internet capabilities vastly upgraded to allow live streaming. You can do this yourself by plugging into dedicated Lan line in Hall, and providing your own streaming switcher/computer/cameras. We can also arrange this as an extra fee.

Staging. We have modular 1m square staging blocks… roughly 15 modules.