Glastonbury Golgonooza – Paul Weston on William Blake – afternoon lecture

August 17, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

William Blake conceived of a visionary city of the imagination, of art and science, that he named Golgonooza, from Golgos, the skull. This was accessible through the geography of London. Glastonbury Zodiac visionaries Katharine Maltwood and Mary Caine made use of antiquarian sources also known to William Blake. The Druidic vision of Iolo Morganwg, and of Blake himself, infuses Caine’s presentation of our landscape mythos. Aware that a direct reference to Glastonbury is conspicuously absent from Blake’s work, and the anchoring of Jerusalem as a genuine Glastonbury hymn difficult to prove, Paul will present the Glastonbury Zodiac as a living Golgonooza with examples drawn from the experiences of Andrew Collins and his own perspectives.

Paul Weston is the author of Mysterium Artorius; Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus; Avalonian Aeon; The Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy; Glastonbury Psychogeography; The Michael Line, the Qabalah and the Tarot, Atargatis; William Blake and the Glastonbury Gnosis, The Occult Battle of Britain, and Glastonia Aegyptiacus.

This lecture will be the first of the afternoon events which will run between 2pm and 5pm.

Afternoon Tickets £7.00 – or fully included as part of the great value £20 All-Weekend Advance Ticket.
Tickets are available in advance from Labyrinth Books, 24 Glastonbury High Street and on the door subject to availability.