March-Summer Solstice events…more or less.

Events from March to Summer Solstice.

*MARCH*1st.. indoor market re-opens..(every tuesday)4th.. Shee. New Jerusalem K’nights.5th.. Reggae night special!8th.. Mahala Yoga.10th.. 5 Rhythms Dance.10th.. Folk music club.15th.. Mahala yoga.12th.. 5G awareness Dance event.19th.. Yoga workshop.. Rachael Gillies.22nd.. Mahala Yoga.24th. Folk music club.24th. 5 Rhythm dance.25th. Spring equinox celebration. 26th. Gareth Knight conference.

*APRIL*2nd.. Street House Mafia, Sapro, Gloworm (Dance event)5th.. Mahala Yoga7th.. 5 Rhythms Dane8th & 9th.. The Dolmen & Celtic Giants14th.. Folk Music club16th.. Reggae night19th.. Mahala Yoga21st.. 5 Rhythms Dance23rd.. Spirals. (Dance event)28th.. Folk music club (main hall)29th.. Global & Acid Root30th.. Beltane Community celebration

*MAY*4th-8th.. Glastonbury Town players Theatre.10th Mahala yoga12th.. Folk music club13th.. Bardic Trials heats.14th-15th.. Crafts and Holistic fayre17th.. Mahala yoga20th.. Bardic finals21st.. Mobius Loop (matinee and evening gigs)24th.. Mahala yoga26th-29th.. Enter the mysterium of the Lady of Avalon

*JUNE*2nd.. Singalong-a-Wickerman (Film show)4th-5th.. House of Huna. (Ceremony)7th.. Mahala yoga11th.. Alchemy Conference14th.. Mahala yoga18th.. Summer Solstice Community celebration(Indoor market every Tuesday from 10-4. Town Players workshop every Sunday up until May’s performance. )