Auditions this week for Eco-Rock Opera to be performed at the Assembly Rooms this August, for amateur singers and actorswho can perform Physical Theatre.

(Production Crew interested – please contact us)

For A Showcase Performance of songs and dances from the Eco Rock Opera – “Voices of the Earth” on Wednesday, July 29th 2020

In this showcase there are various different types of songs (Ballads, Pop, Rock and Operetta) and physical theatre scenes.

The Theme is of awakening to the realities of the pollutants in our world and our struggle to free ourselves to live a more earth friendly life. Conflict, Hope, Despair etc.

Rehearsals for the showcase will take place in Glastonbury mainly on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Audition Requirements:

  • To SING a song of your choice that demonstrates your vocal range.
  • You will be given a situation and asked to improvise with physical theatre.
  • Plus there will be a song for you to listen to and repeat

This will be a workshop type group Audition and you will need to be present for the whole time in order to work and interact with the other characters.

You will need to interpret Archetypal Exaggerated characters (e.g. Baddies and Goodies). 

Please be aware that this audition will be recorded and your permission will be required.


Sunday 15th March   

16.30 – 19.30

At St Edmunds Hall, Glastonbury, BA6 8EF

You will need to call or text Sally on 07766740137 by Friday 13th March to confirm your place at the Audition.‘

Local composer and musician Sally Pullinger, renowned locally for her arrangements and conducting of the Avalonian Free State Choir and many other creative and musical projects, has created a piece of unique and inspiring new musical theatre, an Eco-Rock Opera – ‘Voices of the Earth’. And will be producing a showcase of some of the film, dances and songs from this multi-media work in July this year.

Sally wrote the first version of this musical theatre piece in 1988, while she was co-running the then locally famous Ploughshares Vegan Organic Café in Glastonbury, along with her family and friends. They were well ahead of their time, creating wonderful foods that delighted so many customers. Now, over thirty years later, many of the recipes and ideas this group were working with have become mainstream.  And indeed, the theme of ‘Voices of the Earth’ is no different. Sally and her whole family have long been part of the consciousness movement promoting the mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being of the earth, human beings, animals, plants, and the whole environment. 

Sally now a grandmother has observed, along with all of us, how many young people are waking up to the state of the environment, and how they are passionate in their mission to awaken everyone to the urgent message that we all need to think deeply and carefully about how we can live more sustainably on our precious earth.

It is indeed a comment on our times that all the songs written over thirty years ago are just as relevant today. Only now there is even more to be concerned about. And so, Sally has been busy writing more songs to reflect our current ecological situation.

The Eco-Rock Opera, Voices of the Earth, is poignant, funny and tragic, but also optimistic and hopeful. It deals with the issues that arise as we struggle to overcome the growing and overwhelming facts of the pollution in the earth, seas, rivers, air and space around us, and the consequent threat to all life here on earth.

Sally is gathering together her company of musicians, actors, singers, dancers, filmmakers, and all the team needed to eventually create the full theatrical production, which is to be staged in 2021.  But this summer they will bring you a rich showcase of many of the songs, dances and film, and continue to fundraise for the big production next year.

This showcase will be performed on Wednesday 29th July 2020, and will form part of the famous Glastonbury Goddess Conference, which this year will celebrate the Great Earth Mother Goddess. 

This is an exciting new show being created now, in Glastonbury. If anyone would like to donate to our GoFundMe crowd funder please use the link to our short video page and follow the directions:

Or to be involved, whether as Designers, Singers, Actors, Dancers, Musicians or Production crew. Please contact Sally by phone 07766740137, or email Auditions will be on Sunday March 15th 4.30-7.30pm.