Xmas Presence – all day workshop

December 16, 2018 @ 9:45 am – 6:00 pm
Jamie Catto

A one-day workshop to tool us up for seasonal family mayhem and dysfunction! This year we’re treating all the challenges, triggers, and crazy head-trips of the whole Christmas season as the benevolent, illuminating mirrors and invitations to self-awareness that they really are. Come and harvest all the potential breakthroughs on offer – the real Christmas gifts to birth us ten levels more liberated into 2019! For millions of people, once they are through the mundane, synthetic, commercialized reality of December in the 21st century, yuletide itself can really suck. A spiritual minefield of projection, reactivity, toxicity and semi-conscious hysteria, any notions of inner progress built up throughout the year are often quickly forgotten. Yet amidst the chaos of consumerism that is Yuletide in 2018, there lies a golden opportunity! Instead of intensely striving just to get through, we invite you to transform this Christmas into the liberating ashram it’s meant to be – and give yourselves the real Christmas presence on offer: Self-Awareness and Lightening-Up. Come and tune up your festive neurology so you’re ready to float serenely through your family’s dysfunction and disconnection! Unwrap yourself! And most importantly, have the most fun this Christmas than you have in decades! Or your money back – guaranteed. And be prepared for truly, totally, fabulously unpredictable results.