Winter Solstice Community Celebration – featuring YOU!

December 20, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Nathan Williams
07752 593299

Hosted by Glastonbury Assembly Rooms with Fabulous Furry Folk. Open Mic (though we’ll probably go completely acoustic, and candlelit, for this one. Bring songs, poems and stories to share. Maximum of ten minutes per performer – this can get busy!   Music will include the Avalon Free State Choir, Vivi-Ra-Ras vocal trio, and Dora Darling & Friends, plus a ceremonial element at the beginning as we gather, and as we close the evening, facilitated by Lisa Goodwin. The rest of the evening is UP TO YOU!! Please bring seasonal songs, poems, stories etc to share; the usual allocated slot is 10 minutes or two songs – unless it gets very busy in which case this is shortened. Contact to play, or telephone 07752 593299. Please also get in touch if you can help by bringing greenery or shininess to decorate the hall on the 2oth!