The Template – Ceremonies… Earth Resonance…

January 24, 2020 @ 10:00 am – January 26, 2020 @ 7:30 pm


Due to the overflow of those wanting to attend our November/ December 2019 event, we have booked the Assembly Rooms for late January. This will be the copy of November-December 2019 event in Glastonbury.
Ceremonies 7-16
24th & 25th of January 2020 (Booking open!)
10am to 7:30 pm
Earth Resonance Ceremony:
26th of January 2020 (Booking open for those who have done C1-16)
10am to 7:30 pm

THIS WINTER IN GLASTONBURY we will be sharing a Ceremony on the Tor. A powerful sacred site that has been battled over, used and abused for hundreds of years. To suppress its strength and influence a Christian Monastic Church was built on top of it in the 14th century, the tower of which remains today. A replica of the Tor was erected and included in the Masonic ritual that opened the London Olympics. This is an indication of the potency of the Tor and the Isle of Avalon as an interdimensional gateway. As Guardians of The White Spring for 10 years ( we lived between the Tor and the Chalice Hill for 3 years) Jiva and myself can attest to the power of this portal. Our personal journey of many initiations in that portal makes us intensely excited to be returning this December to hold The Earth Resonance Ceremony on the Glastonbury Tor. And to hold Ceremonies 7-16.

The Earth Resonance Geometry has been ready for several months now. We now know it’s resonant Code. This Ceremony does not reconnect a circuit, it is a Ceremony to coalesce into a full body resonant response to the totality of Earths frequency. To breath with her consciously. To give and to receive electromagnetic Source Code data through biocircuitry. Sharing cognizance with our mother Planet we bridge the worlds becoming present as fractal aspects of the Maha Gaia Tantra of Creation. Phase locking into the eternal constant. Infusing the Grid and offering this harmonic resonance to all Earth’s sentient beings.

The Wollumbin Portal in NSW, Australia has proved time and again the phenomenal dynamic of worldbridging that can be initiated by conscious energetic communion within a portal. It was on Green Mountain, a portal that sits on the 19.5 degree hyper dimensional tetrahedral grid, that we experienced ourselves fully connected and utilizing the totality of our original Blueprint, experiencing the counter-resonant manifestation of Earth in her transcendental form. Every Template Code has been a component in the format of reverse engineering that experience.

I imagine most of you have recognized the recent acceleration of the agenda to restrict human freedom and sovereignty and the obvious shift in global power structures. Those who have tracked the progression of the warning signs are recognizing the implications on a domestic level. Considering what we have shared at every workshop in regards to the changeover of the term and dominion of the ruling forces that ultimately direct and manipulate the course of history in this mutant paradigm, it comes as no surprise. Nonetheless it is shocking.

There is a window of time through which we can collectively affect the field. If you have been studying the Template material you will have understood the interrelation between the reconnection of circuitry and the present planetary phase of transition. Regardless of how punishing this time is on so many levels it is the most ideal time to be here. Draw yourself up above the storm and witness the phenomenon as it began to unfold, as it reached its zenith and as it is now manifesting as the culmination of the epoch. You may be in it but you are not of it.

The reconnection of circuitry and the resulting restoration of the original Human Blueprint did not coincide with this treacherous timeline by chance. This passage from the 2012 Newsletter nails it…

“The emergence of the geometric and sonic codes which are intrinsic to the alchemy of the Template ceremonies are timely, consistent with and entirely relevant to the opportunity offered in this time of transformation. Functioning on the laws of resonant harmonics, The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence, a process through which the individual unit of bio-circuitry is resurrected: a system that recognises and is aligned with the higher physics of creation which reveals the unified field to be a holonomic tantric cohesion of Source Consciousness, fractally constructed in the language of light…the language of sacred geometry.”

The 2012 alignment was the Zenith within the phase that has rendered this planet in this timeline to be a portal of unprecedented opportunity ….

“For Earth, this alignment holds the promise of liberation. The displacement of the planets within our solar system, including the destruction of Maldek and the introduction of foreign satellites which scramble the data embedded in the light of our Sun, have rendered Earth a stolen planet functioning in a deviant temporal zone. Although the coming alignment will not create an immediate reintegration into the holistic continuum, it will activate the capacity of Earth and Her inhabitants to ultimately realise their place within the integrity of the universal holography.

The alignment of the torsion field structure of the universal holonomic design is eternally in synchronomic motion – a space/time continuum which is not a sequential binary signal-response pattern that exhausts a supply of energy resulting in entropy…but a fractally constructing self-referencing ocean of possibilities. The coming alignment is an opportunity to recalibrate to this holistic continuum”.

We have known for some time that the structure through which we have been able to offer The Template Codes would need to reflect the restrictions we are already witnessing.

in the last couple of years. Jiva and I have looked at the situation endlessly from every angle. We will continue to produce films with all Codes free on line. However there simply is not enough funding to get these film made quickly enough to meet the time frame the present global situation is defining.

In the last few weeks the solution has presented itself. We are not yet prepared to launch the full extent of what we have envisioned, however we will be presenting a version of the planned structure at the Assembly Rooms on the above dates.

Ceremonies 7-16 will be held  in 2 days (24th & 25th of January 2020). On the morning of each day there will be the briefest introduction followed by a day of immersion in exquisite Sound, Geometry and Codes.

On the 3rd day (26th of January 2020) we will meet on the Tor for the Earth Resonance Ceremony… returning to the Assembly Rooms to gather informally. (To take part in the Earth Ceremony, you must have completed 16 Ceremonies)

The Template Ambassadors are also on board with the need for this new format. To experience 1-6 Ceremonies in 2 days check our website for an Ambassador. 

Need I say it will be intense! Personally we are both looking forward to this… and at the same time we will miss the old format. However, it is time for change and innovation if we are to reach the critical mass of transformation needed to affect the field. I have always felt that it would be preferable if people attended Ceremonies after having researched and gathered their own understanding of what is occurring on their Planet at this time. Things have changed immensely since The Template began and the information is everywhere. Once people have studied the information we have supplied in books, films, CDs and newsletters they can achieve their own grasp of the relevance of the reconnection of circuitry in regards to what they are experiencing in their world, their lives and within themselves. And make a responsible, informed and empowered decision.

We will never forget that moment in the Assembly Rooms, delivering for the first time the information on the moon to 100 stunned people. It was well before it was being spoken about. It was honour to offer something so profound – and to follow it with the 5th Code – The Temple of Time Ceremony. There have been many such milestones over the years. Some of the all time best experience of our lives have taken place in Ceremony with some extraordinary Human beings. And somehow I feel there are many more to come.


The cost will be £375 for 10 Ceremonies.
The price is the same for repeaters.

Earth Resonance Ceremony: a gift ⭐️.
To take part in it, you must have completed 16 Ceremonies.

Bookings by a deposit of £100 – no refund as space is limited.