Love, Life & Magic Concert hosted by Francesca Chianello

November 23, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm

INTENSE. International. Emotional. Deep. Unpredictable. Fusion. Piano. Guitar. Voices. Dance. Silence. WORDS. I will lead you on a journey into my own personal life-experience through MUSIC. Sweet undiscovered Spanish ballads, curiously amusing anecdotes, jazzy and poetic moments will take you to a place beyond labels and boxes, a place of perfect fit and belonging, a place where my soul can be naked. The Premiere of a fundraising Project I dreamt with in 2015 to help orphaned children.
En-JOY the leitmotif : UNCONDITIONALOVE.

Accompanied by a jazz pianist and composer I will speak, between songs, about LOVE LIFE & MAGIC, Sadness, Spirituality, Solitude, Fear, Friendship and Happiness. Two talented Special Guests will join us: Ian M Perry, a stunning British singer/songwriter with his Spanish guitar and Raquel Villanueva Delgado, an exceptional vibrant flamenco dancer. Performing is my invisible bridge to reach people and the artistic purpose of the “MAGIC 4” on stage is for us, through our various arts, to connect with YOU deeply and to touch your internal kernel. More than a concert, indeed. I INVITE YOU to a special night, a melodic spell set in this magical little theatre in Glastonbury.
Hurry up : Only 120 seats!

ABOUT ME. A small town girl of 40 with a suitcase full of dreams. FRANCY MILANI Italian Unusual Creative Romantic. A shiny smile, a soulful voice, a sparkling mood, a touch of brave madness and many stormy stories to share. Singer, Professional Radio Speaker, Presenter, Interviewer, Writer, disco Vocalist, Voice over, Stage-Acting coach. I’ve been perfecting my skills studying theatre, dance, piano, singing, video acting and photography. I’m also a qualified Life Coach/Mentor and an expert Emotional/Energetic Therapist. Constantly in LOVE with LIFE, MAGIC and MUSIC. I moved to Spain in 2007 where I’ve been trying all kind of “9 to 5” jobs, but ON STAGE is where I feel HOME. As I do BELIEVE that we create our own limits and Life is simply too short to waste time being un-happy HERE I AM. I moved to Glastonbury in 2016 looking for a musician to work on my Dream with. Set in Somerset I am currently moving between Spain, Italy and UK, performing and working on my first BOOK. I know since I was a small balerina-girl what I want from life and NOW I am making it REAL. Come over and find out more…

TOM. It’s the turn of our brilliant restless funny patient big-hearted unconventional Pianoman TOM BILLING. Graduated with an Honours Degree in Physics he spent most of his working career in research labs, but his real Love and second job from an early age was and is Music. He has been playing in many bands of various genre, theatre pit orchestras and he’s an active church organist. He is absolutely open minded and creative when writing and arranging music. His main instruments are Piano, Saxophones, Clarinet and church Organ. Having retired, his favourite pastime now is playing jazz on piano… and cuddling his grandchildren. The piano parts for the Spanish songs we are performing during the show are mostly his transcriptions from live performances found online. Months of hard work I will thank him for, forever. For trusting my skills. For his Passion for Music. Just Brilliant, amazing musician, beautiful soul.

IAN. Drawing from diverse and global influences, IAN M PERRY creates richly imaginative, poetic and soulful songs. His expressive, jazz-tinged voice, multi-layered guitar style and evocative lyrics are captivatingly original and spacious. A Musician, Writer and Performer since childhood, Ian has been developing and refining his Art throughout his whole life and recently graduated with an MA in Fine Art. His own way to reflect on his inner life and its connection with the world around is through songwriting, poetry, visual work, performance and travelling. He works instinctively, developing compositions from fragments of ideas and following a feel, a flow : it is a search for the right words, the right chords, the right tone. The result is a moving and touching experience that will keenly penetrate into the deepest part of you. Movements of Time and seasons, Changes in perception and emotions, Relationship with Life and Love and his peculiar approach to Spirituality are his recurring themes. A true diamond ring we all feel deeply honoured to wear at our Premiere.

RAQUEL. Honoured to introduce you, last but not least, our spanish gem, RAQUEL VILLANUEVA DELGADO, talented passionate qualified Flamenco Dancer trained at the prestigious “Amor de Dios” Dance Academy in Madrid, her birth-place. Trained by some well-known artists of Baile Flamenco, she has been performing in Japan with the company “Flamenco Flamenco”, as well as in many other different shows in Madrid and Bristol. Currently she keeps on perfecting her skills, dancing and giving Flamenco lessons between Spain and UK. Flamenco, like a burning Flame, is a mesmerizing, unpredictable, wild and seductive Art form and Raquel will offer to the audience an excellent example with her cameo.