Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healing

June 26, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Angelic Janette

🌟As part of the ‘Voices of the Light Tribe’ event ( Angelic Jeanette is honoured to share with you the Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healing Workshop🌟

Join with Angelic Jeanette, Founder and CEO of
Angelic Ascension® and Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healing,
to find out more about this AMAZING New Earth Ascension Healing modality.

You will be lovingly guided to connect with your Galactic Family lineage so you can work with them in this deep, profound, multi-dimensional way.

You will receive the highest Source Star Coding Upgrades for DNA/Lightbody, Higher Heart and so much more by attending this Workshop (see further information below).

“I’m super excited to share my New, Beautiful, Powerful, Profound, Life-transforming Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healing Workshop with you. You’ll absolutely love it. In Love, Service, Grace and Gratitude. I Love You ♥ Angelic Jeanette xxx”

🌟Wednesday 26th June🌟
Assembly Rooms, High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK (Avalon Room)
ONLY $55/£42


Free 15 minute Consultation including Free Light Language Upgrade channelled through Angelic Jeanette Especially For You 💖

Also includes Free Gift Voucher for all who attend.
(A £5 donation from workshop fee of all attendees will be divided equally between the Hedgehog Rescue Centre, Aireworth Dogs In Need Trust and Cats Protection)

Join with Angelic Jeanette, Founder of Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healing, Angels, Masters, Galactic Star Beings, Dragons, Unicorns, Crystal Skulls, Elementals, Dolphins, Whales and many more, to discover this newly channelled Ancient, Powerful, Profound, Life-Transforming Galactic Star Heart™ Healing Energy which is A Gift of ♥Love♥ To Humanity from our Beloved Star Brothers and SiStars.

You will be lovingly guided through Powerful Galactic, Ancient Lemurian and Atlantean Higher Heart, DNA & Lightbody Activations via transmissions from the Galactic Star Heart™ Council, exclusively channelled through Angelic Jeanette especially for you♥

Now is the time for Magic, Miracles and Manifestation as we welcome home the highest light frequencies, keys and codes, across all timelines and realities into our Divine Christed Cosmic 💖One Heart💖 unified field of light.

🌟During the Workshop you will also receive the following ‘gifts of love’🌟

• Reconnection with Galactic and Angelic Soul Family – receive the highest healing, knowledge and wisdom available to you at this time.

• Source Keys and codes to re-awaken your ancient, dormant spiritual gifts and power for Healing and Ascension for the New Earth.

• Lovelight Language Transmissions and Activations including Divine Source Light Coding, Sound and Sacred Geometry.

• A powerful Multi-Dimensional Higher Heart Attunement of pure love, joy, peace and unity; allowing healing to take place on all levels, helping you to release all blocks and stagnant patterns that are preventing you from moving forwards and reaching your full personal, professional and spiritual Divine potential in this lifetime.

• Access to a Multi-Dimensional Galactic Ascension Healing Chamber used in the times of Atlantis.

• Practical experience of toning Light Language through (participation is optional and no prior experience is required).

• Tips, tools and techniques for Healing and Ascension which you can take away with you and use in your everyday life to help you live as the Shining Lightworker you truly are.

🌟This Workshop and Powerful Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healing Transmissions and Activations could seriously enhance your life on all levels🌟

Don’t miss this Amazing Workshop – Highly Transformational For All.


Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healer Training:
Here is a small sample of feedback from the recent training in California and the UK (many more available on the website):

‘Wow, Wow and Wow, Powerful, Profound, Life-Transforming, Multi-Dimensional Energy’
“Felt myself going into a deep relaxed meditative stage. Connected with dolphins, whales, unicorns, my galactic family and many other beautiful beings of light. Felt a heart opening, release after release of emotions shifting and moving me forwards. Felt symbols being placed into my hands and heart. Showers of golden stars, a circle of unicorns, sacred geometry, colour and sound. WOW, WOW, WOW!! Loved the Galactic Star Heart training.
Kelly-Anne H, Harrogate

“I’m feeling super happy, super blessed and in GRATITUDE, to you Angelic Jeanette and my galactic family! Thank you, thank you, Thank you! I feel connected and expansive in my heart & Soul!💚😊 xxx” Nora A, California – Feb 12th 2019

“Jeanette, thank you dear sister. It’s only the end of day 1 and I have already felt a massive expansion in my being. I have opened myself up to multi-dimensional frequencies of the highest and to Archangel Orion (this was a profound reconnection for me). I felt the walls of resistance melt away as the Love from my Galactic family stretched through time and space to lovingly assist me. I have leveled up in so many ways and even opened up to channel a new form of light language. Bless you sweet 👼!! Xxx” Maria L, Owner of the Healing Key, Long Beach Feb 11th 2019

“It was truly the most beautiful, powerful, blessed Multi-Dimensional weekend with beautiful Star Family & Star SiStars 💖💖💖💖💖💖”

“I really enjoyed the course and I feel that I now connect much better and higher and it has given me the confidence I needed to channel through and tone light language during my self healing and healings of others. I feel strongly connected to Archangel Metatron and my galactic family. Thank you so much. Love Juana 💖💖xxx” Long Beach, February 2019

“The Galactic Star Heart Training was an amazing experience. During the Attunements I felt tingling around my head, saw bright lights, and the presence of Ascended Masters and Star Beings all around me – an out of world experience – just unbelievable. Words are hard to describe the images and visions I saw. It was a truly amazing experience that is truly life changing. I would encourage anybody to take this life transforming training. A Spiritual journey like no other!! Thank you so much Angelic Jeanette for being an Amazing Channel and Healer.” Jo M xxx 18/11/18 UK

Galactic Masters Training – “What a joy this weekend has been. To say we have been upgraded energetically is an understatement. We have experienced profound Celestial, Multi-Dimensional Meditations, Attunements and Healings. This really is a very high, pure frequency Divine energy. I am a Holistic Practitioner and 80% of my work is healing, I couldn’t wish for more to offer my clients, family, animals and self. What a blessing!! Thank you dearest Jeanette and your team of light for bestowing such beautiful and important energy. Blessed be.” Kelly-Anne, Harrogate, UK xxx November 2018

“All I can say is WOW, WOW AND WOW. Amazing Attunements, Meditations and Healings, full of love and joy. Thank you Angelic Jeanette xxx” Karen L, Halifax, 24th July 2018

Angelic Jeanette is an International Enlightened Channel for the Angel and Galactic Star Realms/Galactic Star Fleet and Star Nations, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher/ Master Healer, Motivational Public Speaker, Starseed, Cosmic Wayshower, Light Code Bearer and Activator, Love-Light Language Channel and Artist. She is the CEO of Angelic Ascension, Multi-Dimensional School of Healing, Knowledge and Wisdom for the New Earth, Founder and Channel of Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healer Training. She has been working with Spirit all of her life to help in the ascension process of humanity and Mother Gaia. She works closely with Angels, Ascended Masters – Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, Lord Sananda, Archangel Michael, and many Ambassadors for the Galactic Federation, Galactic Star Fleet and the Great Central Sun, Arcturian, Sirian and Lyran High Councils. She is also honoured to work with our beloved Pleiadian and Sirian Soul Families of dolphins and whales, the crystalline, elemental, unicorn and dragon kingdoms.

💖All of Angelic Jeanette’s Workshops, Courses, Treatments and Services are Channelled with the highest light frequencies of Love, Joy, Passion and Compassion to Heal, Uplift, Energise, Empower and Transform your life 💖

Contact to find out further information, upcoming dates and venues in USA, UK, Australia and Europe. Angelic Jeanette is happy to arrange a personal 1:1 conference with you.

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1:1 and remote Healings and Readings are available prior to, during and post the Voices of the Light Tribe event.

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“I’m so looking forward to meeting you all at this wonderful and powerful gathering. In love, service and gratitude. 💖One Love – One Heart💖 Angelic Jeanette xxx”

Galactic Star Heart™ Ascension Healing and Angel/Master channelled meditations and transmissions are available on cd, mp3 and mp4 and are available at the workshop/conference, online and amazon.