Cary Grace, Kangaroo Moon + Tim Hawthorn (live music)

December 28, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Live music from some of the region’s finest folk / rock artists.

Kangaroo Moon  are well known in Glastonbury, and on the festival scene for their trance psychedelic take on traditional tunes and songs,  and are fronted by singer-songwriter Mark Robson on piano, didge and vocals. Mark and the band are loosely connected to the Gong family tree, as is Glastonbury legend Tim Hawthorn, who has played with The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet and Mother Gong, and here will present a selection of his finely crafted solo songs.

Cary Grace is a songwriter/composer, producer, musician, and analogue synthesizer maker based in the UK, and will be launching her new album at this event.

She was born in South Carolina, and lived in Nashville for many years, releasing her first album in 2004. 2005 saw her relocating to England, bringing only four guitars, her cat, and a couple of dozen boxes.

Since then, she has been working with various other musicians recording and and writing prolifically and releasing six more full-length albums and two EPs [ full discography > ].

Her first double album, 2009’s Perpetual Motion, is heavy on improvisation, but the improvisational aesthetic is blended with Cary’s distinctive songwriting to create something that is simultaneously both free-flowing and structured.

2010 brought a return to more conventional song-forms with the debut self-titled album by Monday Machines (a collaboration with Allan Coberly, backed by Andy Budge and David Payne).

The same year she began producing The Airtight Garage, a music-based programme and podcast (currently on hiatus).

In 2011 Cary acquired the exclusive American modular synthesizer brand, Wiard, following a lengthy training period where she learned how to build the hand-made 300 Series modules first-hand from Grant Richter, the founder of Wiard. During the same time period she released a single recorded in collaboration with Mauve La Biche after adding some Buchla 200 overdubs — a cover of the Amon Duul II classic “Archangel Thunderbird”, and recorded and gigged with Grant Richter’s spacerock band, F/i, in the USA. She now manufactures Wiard Synthesizers in England at Wessex Analogue, while continuing to use all available free time to make music.

Recently, Cary has made several appearances on releases by the seminal English vinyl label, Fruits de Mer, covering Pink Floyd, Amon Duul II, and David Bowie. Cary’s versions of “Black Country Rock” and “Sound and Vision”, (as well as Consterdine’s version of the latter) appeared on a very special limited edition 8″ lathe cut, Friends of the Fish 8, with a third David Bowie cover, “Queen Bitch”, appearing on 2016’s Fruits de Mer Members’ CD compilation A New Career in a New Town.

Following the widespread acclaim of 2015’s Tygerland, 2016 brought something new — a live album release. The Uffculme Variations was recorded at Kozfest 2016, when The Cary Grace Band was joined on stage by past collaborators (and Tygerland guests) Steffe Sharpstrings and Graham Clark for a dazzling mostly improvised set.