Blake’s Chaucer – Peter Fraser on William Blake – afternoon lecture

August 17, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

William Blake was, and is, important as an artist, a poet, a moral philosopher and as a critic, both of art and of literature. Not only was he exceptional in all these elds and not only are they are all to be found in all his work, but they are to be found complete in everything he did, however minor.
Nowhere is this as clear as it is in his work on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.This centres on a substantial painting, his engraving of it, the largest plate he engraved, and the writing in “The Descriptive Catalogue” where almost as much space is given to this one painting as to the other fteen in the exhibition.
By looking at these it is possible to readily understand many aspects of Blake’s amazing and complex philosophy.

Peter Fraser.
Peter has been involved with books since he was a child. He has been a bookseller, a collector, printer, publisher, binder; even as a homœopath he has written a dozen books on the subject. Blake has always been at the centre of his love of books, poetry and art. He is currently typesetting and printing a limited edition of Blake’s Chaucer on his Albion Press and print studio on the Somerset Levels.

This lecture is part of the Saturday afternoon events which will run between 2pm and 5pm. Peter’s talk will begin at 4pm.

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