The Oroonies (live music)

November 1, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Craig McFarlane

The Oroonies – A Brief History –

The Oroonies were spawned in the Spring of 1981 in a green sucking pool, high on a bog-strewn mountain top in the Western reaches of Ireland. The line up featured Ron Noden (drums) Mr Hinty (keyboards) Geek (bass) Boris E Stiahl (guitar).

The band promptly split upand proceeded to incarnate in mutant forms such as The Datura Pig Band, The Mouth of Nodenand finally in early 1984 as the ferocious Immoral Minority. The line up now consisted of Ron and Boris (guitars/vocals) Geek (bass) Tanya Horn (drums). Living in caravans in a grey desert of rock and later on a flat plain of bog the ImmMins were forced to invade other peoples homes, with or without permission, in order to vent their frenzy and pursue The Bad Smell. A first gig was performed and brought to a premature halt by the distressed landlord. “The Woods Are Alive with the Smell of his Coming” and “They Don’t Want Us Around” were both conceived during this seminal period.
The Immoral minority promptly split up. Boris (guitar/vocal) Tanya (bass/drums) united with Hinty (keyboards) in an unrestrained spouting that saw the basis of Exalt The Horn c74 and tracks such as Yahoo and Word Of Mouth on like Yeast We Rise. Ron appeared on occasion to give good gitar on Questions (Lies)/3 guitars. The entire pack of Geek, Hinty, Boris, Tanya and Ron united for one evening: the result was cacophony and impressed by their efforts The Orunes resolved to carry on regardless of difficulties with members living in different countries, which had always been responsible for the erratic dispersal of the band.
In the summer of 1985 the band celebrated 40 days and nights of rain in West Ireland with more musical spasms that combined with previous dribbles of 84 to make up The Woods Are Alive tape.
Then during the Christmas of 85 the unthinkable happened. The Oroonies set off on a mini tour of London and the South West in feedback stricken alliance with My Bloody Valentine. The die was cast: adrift in the heady aromas of live performance the band careered through a feverish welter of free festivals and squat gigs, oblivious to the sensibilities of assembled onlookers.
1986 saw the arrival of Breda on flute, contributing to tracks on Like Yeast We Rise and in 1987 the Ee I Ee I O cassette ushered in improved recording quality (can you tell the difference?) The Woods Are Alive 12″ was recorded in summer 87 and released New Year 88, receiving one play from John Peel. Various additional percussionists and drummers came and went but the band had settled into BorisBredaGeekHintyRonTanya as a chewed core. Whale and the wind recorded in 1988 heralded a new era of Oroonimusic, with less feedback, shouting and excessive randomness. Steadily the cacophony subsided in favour of Arabic and world tunes in 1989 gigs. In 1990 the band recorded Of Hoof and Horn for Demi Monde (which was not released until 1992) and it was at this time Boris threw in the towel, unable to cope with rehearsal , melody and reasonable musical behaviour. The band continued gigging through 1990 playing a tight set of album material. A new band The Cheapsuit Oroonies appeared playing strictly acoustic fo;k and world music featuring Ron, Breda, Jo (violin joining Oroonies in 1990) and Geek. The Oroonies gradually puttered to a stop and no longer existed in 1992. However it would be premature to state that the night of the living Orooni will be no more. Dark thoughts lurk in curlicue minds, whispers and rumours arise and subside, nothing is interesting save to see what happens next …….

…and indeed, so it has come to pass, The Oroonies resurrected again in 2012 as a trio of Joie, Boris and Tanya, large as life and twice as confusing. Inappropriate recordings have surfaced as CDs comprising Oroonies Undone, Oroonies are Next Door, Prodding, Nobody Understands and There Are Many Ways. Tunes are also scattered through the Interweb on Soundcloud and Youtube. And gigs are happening once more, to general disorientation and happiness. The Oroonies train is rumbling on…

Here them on Youtube here