The Template – Ceremonies… Earth Resonance…
Jan 24 @ 10:00 am – Jan 26 @ 7:30 pm


Due to the overflow of those wanting to attend our November/ December 2019 event, we have booked the Assembly Rooms for late January. This will be the copy of November-December 2019 event in Glastonbury.
Ceremonies 7-16
24th & 25th of January 2020 (Booking open!)
10am to 7:30 pm
Earth Resonance Ceremony:
26th of January 2020 (Booking open for those who have done C1-16)
10am to 7:30 pm

THIS WINTER IN GLASTONBURY we will be sharing a Ceremony on the Tor. A powerful sacred site that has been battled over, used and abused for hundreds of years. To suppress its strength and influence a Christian Monastic Church was built on top of it in the 14th century, the tower of which remains today. A replica of the Tor was erected and included in the Masonic ritual that opened the London Olympics. This is an indication of the potency of the Tor and the Isle of Avalon as an interdimensional gateway. As Guardians of The White Spring for 10 years ( we lived between the Tor and the Chalice Hill for 3 years) Jiva and myself can attest to the power of this portal. Our personal journey of many initiations in that portal makes us intensely excited to be returning this December to hold The Earth Resonance Ceremony on the Glastonbury Tor. And to hold Ceremonies 7-16.

The Earth Resonance Geometry has been ready for several months now. We now know it’s resonant Code. This Ceremony does not reconnect a circuit, it is a Ceremony to coalesce into a full body resonant response to the totality of Earths frequency. To breath with her consciously. To give and to receive electromagnetic Source Code data through biocircuitry. Sharing cognizance with our mother Planet we bridge the worlds becoming present as fractal aspects of the Maha Gaia Tantra of Creation. Phase locking into the eternal constant. Infusing the Grid and offering this harmonic resonance to all Earth’s sentient beings.

The Wollumbin Portal in NSW, Australia has proved time and again the phenomenal dynamic of worldbridging that can be initiated by conscious energetic communion within a portal. It was on Green Mountain, a portal that sits on the 19.5 degree hyper dimensional tetrahedral grid, that we experienced ourselves fully connected and utilizing the totality of our original Blueprint, experiencing the counter-resonant manifestation of Earth in her transcendental form. Every Template Code has been a component in the format of reverse engineering that experience.

I imagine most of you have recognized the recent acceleration of the agenda to restrict human freedom and sovereignty and the obvious shift in global power structures. Those who have tracked the progression of the warning signs are recognizing the implications on a domestic level. Considering what we have shared at every workshop in regards to the changeover of the term and dominion of the ruling forces that ultimately direct and manipulate the course of history in this mutant paradigm, it comes as no surprise. Nonetheless it is shocking.

There is a window of time through which we can collectively affect the field. If you have been studying the Template material you will have understood the interrelation between the reconnection of circuitry and the present planetary phase of transition. Regardless of how punishing this time is on so many levels it is the most ideal time to be here. Draw yourself up above the storm and witness the phenomenon as it began to unfold, as it reached its zenith and as it is now manifesting as the culmination of the epoch. You may be in it but you are not of it.

The reconnection of circuitry and the resulting restoration of the original Human Blueprint did not coincide with this treacherous timeline by chance. This passage from the 2012 Newsletter nails it…

“The emergence of the geometric and sonic codes which are intrinsic to the alchemy of the Template ceremonies are timely, consistent with and entirely relevant to the opportunity offered in this time of transformation. Functioning on the laws of resonant harmonics, The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence, a process through which the individual unit of bio-circuitry is resurrected: a system that recognises and is aligned with the higher physics of creation which reveals the unified field to be a holonomic tantric cohesion of Source Consciousness, fractally constructed in the language of light…the language of sacred geometry.”

The 2012 alignment was the Zenith within the phase that has rendered this planet in this timeline to be a portal of unprecedented opportunity ….

“For Earth, this alignment holds the promise of liberation. The displacement of the planets within our solar system, including the destruction of Maldek and the introduction of foreign satellites which scramble the data embedded in the light of our Sun, have rendered Earth a stolen planet functioning in a deviant temporal zone. Although the coming alignment will not create an immediate reintegration into the holistic continuum, it will activate the capacity of Earth and Her inhabitants to ultimately realise their place within the integrity of the universal holography.

The alignment of the torsion field structure of the universal holonomic design is eternally in synchronomic motion – a space/time continuum which is not a sequential binary signal-response pattern that exhausts a supply of energy resulting in entropy…but a fractally constructing self-referencing ocean of possibilities. The coming alignment is an opportunity to recalibrate to this holistic continuum”.

We have known for some time that the structure through which we have been able to offer The Template Codes would need to reflect the restrictions we are already witnessing.

in the last couple of years. Jiva and I have looked at the situation endlessly from every angle. We will continue to produce films with all Codes free on line. However there simply is not enough funding to get these film made quickly enough to meet the time frame the present global situation is defining.

In the last few weeks the solution has presented itself. We are not yet prepared to launch the full extent of what we have envisioned, however we will be presenting a version of the planned structure at the Assembly Rooms on the above dates.

Ceremonies 7-16 will be held  in 2 days (24th & 25th of January 2020). On the morning of each day there will be the briefest introduction followed by a day of immersion in exquisite Sound, Geometry and Codes.

On the 3rd day (26th of January 2020) we will meet on the Tor for the Earth Resonance Ceremony… returning to the Assembly Rooms to gather informally. (To take part in the Earth Ceremony, you must have completed 16 Ceremonies)

The Template Ambassadors are also on board with the need for this new format. To experience 1-6 Ceremonies in 2 days check our website for an Ambassador. 

Need I say it will be intense! Personally we are both looking forward to this… and at the same time we will miss the old format. However, it is time for change and innovation if we are to reach the critical mass of transformation needed to affect the field. I have always felt that it would be preferable if people attended Ceremonies after having researched and gathered their own understanding of what is occurring on their Planet at this time. Things have changed immensely since The Template began and the information is everywhere. Once people have studied the information we have supplied in books, films, CDs and newsletters they can achieve their own grasp of the relevance of the reconnection of circuitry in regards to what they are experiencing in their world, their lives and within themselves. And make a responsible, informed and empowered decision.

We will never forget that moment in the Assembly Rooms, delivering for the first time the information on the moon to 100 stunned people. It was well before it was being spoken about. It was honour to offer something so profound – and to follow it with the 5th Code – The Temple of Time Ceremony. There have been many such milestones over the years. Some of the all time best experience of our lives have taken place in Ceremony with some extraordinary Human beings. And somehow I feel there are many more to come.


The cost will be £375 for 10 Ceremonies.
The price is the same for repeaters.

Earth Resonance Ceremony: a gift ⭐️.
To take part in it, you must have completed 16 Ceremonies.

Bookings by a deposit of £100 – no refund as space is limited.

XR benefit gig: Unit X, Tim Hawthorn, Daygan (bands)
Jan 28 @ 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm


PokBard/ Spacegoats
Ron Tree (ex Hawklords/Hawkwind)
Elmer (Ex Loop Guru)
Luciferio (Ex electronic scene)


On the 28th JAN ~ 8.30pm

XR Benefit gig ⭐️⭐️

FFF presents: Mandy Woods (with Cathy Judge and Elliet Mackrell) – plus floor spots
Jan 30 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Down-to-earth words, 

rugged beauty in the voice’


An atmospheric concert in the main hall at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, with Mandy’s headline set from 9.45 to 10.45 p.m., floor spots from 8.30 to 9.30 p.m. To play, contact this page or email

‘Down-to-earth words, rugged beauty in the voice’

(Photo courtesy of Carol Mac Photography)

A seasoned writer and performer on both sides of the Atlantic, Glastonbury-based singer-songwriter Mandy Woods has spent most of her adult life giving in to wanderlust and crafting songs wherever she has happened to find herself on her unconventional journey.

Mandy grew up near Oxford, but spent a decade in Austin, Texas, and has more recently written, performed, and pitched songs in Nashville, Tennessee.

Her recent performances at the Assembly Rooms’ seasonal community celebrations have been very well received, and she is already gaining a reputation as one of Glastonbury’s finest singers and songwriters.

She will be joined on stage by Somerset singer Cathy Judge on vocals, and Elliet Mackrell (of Kangaroo Moon etc) on violin.

FFF are pleased to be able to welcome Mandy to kick off the 2020 season of folk gigs in the main hall at the Rooms, where we plan to alternate local performers such as Mandy Woods with visiting touring acts.

Admission £8 on the door / £6 concessions and FFF club members.

Membership is £5 for 12 months and gives discounted tickets, a monthly newsletter, and a chance to vote at the AGM – join by signing up at any FFF event.

The next FFF gig is on February 27th: Ian A. Anderson celebrating 50 years since playing the opening slot at the first ever Glastonbury Festival!




Photos courtesy of Carol Mac Photography

Imbolc Community Celebration – ceremony, open mic etc. Magic Hat fundraiser!
Feb 1 @ 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Ceremony, open mic for performers: songs, stories, poems, tunes… etc

Come and join us in celebrating the first stirrings of the new shoots of spring at this sacred cross quarter seasonal festival.

To perform (for up to 10 mins) , please contact Nathan: or Craig:


Dry – Theatre – 1 hour play, then Q & A re alcohol dependency
Feb 6 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Human Story Theatre in partnership with Turning Point presents


By Gaye Poole

Music composed by ARne Richards. Directed by Emma Webb. Originally directed by Anna Tolputt.

An edge of your seat drama about alcohol and the couple next door…

James and Ellen Wilson find themselves indulging in one dinner party – and one bottle of wine – too many. When supper talk turns from light and amusing to barbed and accusatory is it time for them to think about their alcohol intake? Observing all is Chloe, their teenage daughter, whose cello playing provides a live musical emotional barometer of the household.

One hour straight through. The performance is then followed by a Q&A session with guest professionals from Turning Point and other organisations.

FFF – Folk Singaround in the café
Feb 13 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Fabulous Furry Folk returns for the 2020 season of singarounds in the Lords Of The Wildwood Cafe at the Assembly Rooms, and gigs in the main hall. This year we’ll be running fortnightly, starting with a singaround on 16th, and then a gig in the main hall on 30th January with local headliner Mandy Woods plus floor spots to support. Entry to the singaround is £2 for performers and listeners, to cover costs – all are welcome to join the circle with folk songs, tunes or listening ears. 2020 will see Fabulous Furry Folk evolving into a fully fledged Folk Club with discounted admission to members, and a monthly raffle, along with other traditional marvels!

FFF presents: Ian A. Anderson – plus floor spots
Feb 27 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Ian A. Anderson – no, not that one! – began his musical career in the mid 1960s, heavily influenced by old country blues players, before taking a left-swerve in the early ’70s into what nowadays gets called ‘psych folk’, with a trio of songwriter/ guitarist albums for Bristol’s pioneering and now highly collectable independent label Village Thing. 

50 years ago he appeared at the very first Glastonbury Festival. Much later, the Guardian quoted promoter Michael Eavis as saying that “Marc Bolan was late arriving, and I was quite worried, but Ian Anderson saved the festival. He knew I couldn’t pay him, but he played a great set that got everybody in right mood.” 

To mark this big anniversary year, the Fabulous Furry Folk Club features Ian A. Anderson at the Glastonbury Assembly Room on Thursday 27th February, surprisingly the first time he’s been booked back in the area since that long-ago festival triumph. To uphold the town’s honour, they’ve guaranteed him an absolute minimum of the contracted £35 fee that the festival was unable to pay him in 1970! 

(a scan of Ian’s contract with the festival, 50 years ago).

Ian eventually settled into a personal – and notably English – style, drawing from traditional folk, blues, old-time and world roots musics, making some dozen albums by the end of the 1980s with groups Hot Vultures (with Maggie Holland), the English Country Blues Band and Tiger Moth. Then after a break from live performances in the 1990s he returned to stages and recording this century with the trio Blue Blokes 3 (with PiL’s Lu Edmonds and 3 Mustaphas 3’s Ben Mandelson), the duo The False Beards (again with Mandelson), and a successful re-union tour by Hot Vultures in 2016. Since early 2017, he’s been enjoying performing and recording solo again, with repertoire and anecdotes drawn from across those 50+ years of experience.

YouTube videos:

Black Crow Blues:

Lord Allenwater:

Everybody’s Killing Me:

Michael Law’s 70th birthday bash – benefit gig
Feb 28 @ 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Michael’s 70th birthday bash! … also a benefit gig for the ongoing Assembly Rooms lighting rig fund. Some great musicians will be playing..more details soon!

FFF – Folk Singaround in the café
Mar 12 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Fabulous Furry Folk continues with the 2020 season of singarounds in the Lords Of The Wildwood Cafe at the Assembly Rooms, and gigs in the main hall. This year we’ll be running fortnightly, starting with a singaround on 16th January, and then a gig in the main hall on 30th January with local headliner Mandy Woods plus floor spots to support, then another singaround 2 weeks later, and so on…  Entry to the singaround is £2 for performers and listeners, to cover costs – all are welcome to join the circle with folk songs, tunes or listening ears. 2020 will see Fabulous Furry Folk evolving into a fully fledged Folk Club with discounted admission to members, and a monthly raffle, along with other traditional marvels!

Indian Musical Journey – Shreya Devnath and Praveen Sparsh
Mar 13 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Shreya Devnath and Praveen Sparsh  

Shreya Devnath violin

Praveen Sparsh mridangam


Aavaam | we two 

A violin – mridangam duet


Friday 13 March 

Doors 7:30pm | Performance 8pm.

Limited premium seats


Experience a musical journey through Indian classical and folk cultures at St George’s Bristol with artistes from India, Shreya Devnath and Praveen Sparsh.


Bringing you songs of traditional Indian music – songs of freedom, love, joy and self-belief, the cultural diversity of India will be exemplified through a seamless blend of composed and improvised music. The lyrical and musical ideas of different composers from across the country will be explored. 


A primarily instrumental concert, the pieces will be interpreted through the violin, vocals, multi-percussion and spoken word.


Shreya Devnath, a vocalist and well-established solo violinist, has earned much appreciation for her distinctive music. A student of the legendary Carnatic musician, Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman, Shreya strives to be a worthy representative of this prestigious school. The recipient of a number of awards and titles, her accolades include the highly acclaimed Bharat Ratna Dr. MS Subbulakshmi Fellowship and Outstanding Woman Achiever.  

Praveen Sparsh, multi percussionist and music producer, is one of the most sought after mridangam exponents in the field of Carnatic music. Praveen regularly performs with acclaimed Carnatic musicians. His recent solo percussion album, UNRESERVED, received critical acclaim from the music and entertainment fraternity at large.

Both artistes have toured internationally.


Presented by Asian Arts Agency





Details to follow.

Majma Dance Festival – bellydance workshops etc
Mar 14 @ 10:00 am – Mar 15 @ 4:30 pm

The Desert Divas and Raheesha are delighted to return to the dance festival scene with Majma 2020, which will take place Friday to Sunday 13-15 March in Glastonbury, Somerset.
The website is now open for you to enrol and book your workshops. 

We have a wonderful finale festival planned with the theme: Be The Light. So don’t miss out on an “illuminating experience!”

The finest dance instructors from around the world and the UK come to teach and perform.  Previous international guests include: Farida Fahmy,  Morocco, Carolena Nericcio & Megha Gavin, Paulette  Rees-Denis;  Ava Fleming, Jill Parker and Rose Harden, Isidora Bushkovki,  Meena Gorgese, Amel Tafsout, Raksan of Berlin and Hossam and Serena Ramzy.

Love and Light
Raheesha & the Desert Divas

Registration at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms: From 19.00 Friday and 9.00-9.30 Saturday (late arrivals)


Majma Dance
c/o The Desert Divas
2 Woodhayes Road
BA11 2DG

Telephone: 07815 139981 (ansaphone)

If you are phoning from anywhere except the UK, use +44 7815 139981

Email: Send us an email



Spring Equinox Community Gathering – ceremony / open mic
Mar 20 @ 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Opening and closing ritual ceremony, open mic for songs, stories, poems, tunes… up to 10 mins each. Please book your slot early as these nights are getting more and more popular.

To perform, contact Nathan – or Craig –





Robin Williamson – live in concert
Mar 24 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm

On Tuesday 24th of March, the Fabulous Furry Folk Club at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms will host a full-length concert (with no support act) from master harpist, singer and storyteller Robin Williamson, founder member of the legendary 60’s psych-folk outfit The Incredible String Band, and one of the greatest living bards. Recent visits by Robin to the Assembly Rooms have been described as “absolutely spell-binding” and he seems to get better and better in tone with every year that passes. The price of admission will be £15 or £13 concessions / FFF club members. Tickets are available in advance from the Lords Of The Wildwood Cafe at the Assembly Rooms, open 12 – 6 p.m. or online. To reclaim your £2 concession, ask at the door on the night.

FFF presents: Dora Darling & friends – plus floor spots
Mar 26 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm


‘Dora’s rich deep voice draws you into the stories of the songs she’s written… the audience were clearly appreciative.’ – Nancy Kerr & James Fagan

A self-taught musician, Somerset based Dora sings and plays the guitar, she also plays the fiddle and the tin whistle, both of which she learnt to play when she lived in Ireland in the 1990’s. She will launch her new album “The Quest”, which contains many of her best original songs as well as some traditional folk songs, accompanied by Glastonbury musicians Jenny Bliss and Nathan Lewis Williams.

Dora has written many songs and tunes, influenced by her magical nature, a love for the Earth and the traditional music of the British Isles and Eastern Europe. She has the unusual ability to write songs that sound and feel magical, ancient and traditional.

Jenny Bliss (voice, violin, viola da gamba, flute) is a multi- instrumentalist, singer, composer, improviser and virtuoso baroque violinist. She has had an eclectic musical career playing with the Academy of Ancient Music and the Medieaval Baebes, performing at the O.B.E awards in Buckingham Palace and live on BBC Radio 3 In Tune. Her musical journey began at 6 when she taught herself to read and write music and to play the recorder, which later led to studying violin at prestigious music conservatoires both in the UK and abroad.

Nathan Lewis Williams (voice, bouzouki, guitar) is a bilingual (Welsh and English) folk musician, known in Glastonbury for running the Fabulous Furry Folk Nights and for musical appearances with various groups including Dragonsfly and Circulus, as well as playing regularly at the Chalice Well Gardens at summer full moon concerts and Beltane celebrations, and on both St David’s and St George’s Days with his trove of traditional songs and tunes.

FFF – Folk Singaround in the café
Apr 9 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Fabulous Furry Folk continues with the 2020 season of singarounds in the Lords Of The Wildwood Cafe at the Assembly Rooms, and gigs in the main hall. This year we’ll be running fortnightly, starting with a singaround on 16th January , and then a gig in the main hall on 30th January with local headliner Mandy Woods plus floor spots to support, then another singaround two weeks later etc.

Entry to the singaround is £2 for performers and listeners, to cover costs – all are welcome to join the circle with folk songs, tunes or listening ears. 2020 will see Fabulous Furry Folk evolving into a fully fledged Folk Club with discounted admission to members, and a monthly raffle, along with other traditional marvels!

In the Mysterium of the Lady of Avalon – ceremony / devotional journey
Apr 17 @ 9:30 am – Apr 19 @ 4:00 pm

In the Mysterium of the Lady of Avalon

A Ceremonial Experience of the Presence of the Lady of Avalon, the Nine Morgens and the Oracle of Avalon


17th – 19th April 2020

Glastonbury Assembly Rooms




Kathy Jones, Sally Pullinger, Sue Quatermass, Sophie Pullinger, Saucco de Trivia, Mike Jones, Jerome O’Connell, Elsa Field and many Priestesses and Priests of Avalon


In 2019 we held the first Mysterium in Glastonbury Assembly Rooms – a three day deeply devotional journey of ceremony with the Lady of Avalon, the Oracle of Avalon and the Nine Morgens.

The Mysterium of the Lady of Avalon has become one of the highlights of the Goddess Temple calendar. It is a chance to dive deep into the Mysteries of Avalon, held with love by many dedicated Priestesses and Priests of Avalon, who have devoted their lives to serving the Lady of Avalon.

Sacred ceremony, prayer, chant, journeying, music, movement, dance and transformational healing are all components of the Mysterium, as we journey to Avalon and experience the presence of the Lady of Avalon and Oracle of Avalon as embodied by Her Priestesses.

The Mysterium takes place in Glastonbury’s Assembly Rooms, and we will also hold sacred ceremony outside on the landscape of Avalon. 

We would love you to join us for the next Mysterium in 2020 – tickets now on sale through Goddess Temple Teachings!

In this Ceremonial Practice in the Mysterium of Avalon we offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in three days of deep devotion, sacred ceremony, prayer, chant, journeying, music, movement, dance and transformational healing, in the embodied presence of the Lady of Avalon, the Nine Morgens and the Oracle of Avalon.

We will create a Sacred Mysterium for the Lady of Avalon in Glastonbury’s Assembly Rooms for three days and two evenings.

We will ceremonially invite the Lady of Avalon into Her Mysterium so that we can experience Her Mysteries.

The Tor beyond a flooded River Brue
Red Spring waterfall, Chalice Well


The three days begin at 9:30am on Friday 17th April with:

  • Participant registration
  • Cleansing and Preparation ceremonies using the natural elements of the Glastonbury Avalon Landscape – Air of Avalon, Flame of Avalon, Holy Waters of Avalon, Sacred Earth of Avalon, Space of Avalon
  • Welcome to the Mysterium

Followed over three days by:

  • Invocation of the Sacred Wheel of the Lady of Avalon and the Nine Morgens
  • Sacred Sounding and Chanting for everyone to join in with.
  • Preparation for the three day Journey to the Sacred Isle of Avalon
  • Journey across the Lake of Avalon to the Sacred Isle
  • Exploration of the Sacred Inner Landscape of the Isle of Avalon with its rising hills, deep valleys, forests of memory, flowing waters, reflective pools, high mountain sanctuary and the sacred gardens that lie at the heart of the Isle.
  •  Transmission from the Lady of Avalon
  • Transmission from the Oracle of Avalon
  • Sacred Labrynth Walk
  • Creation of the Feasting Table of the Nine Morgens
  • Transformational Healing Ceremony at the Feasting Table of the Nine Morgens
  • Evening Ceremony in the Sacred Landscape of the Isle of Avalon
  • Sacred Song performances
  • Sacred Dance performances

There will be a Concert on Friday evening.


The Mysterium event runs:

Friday 17th April at 9.30am – 9.00pm with breaks for lunch and supper

Saturday 18th April 9.30am – 9.30pm with breaks for lunch and supper and with outdoor evening ceremony

Sunday 19th April 9.30am – 4.00pm

Fees include all ceremonies, performances and participatory booklets. Meals are not included in the fee.

  • Earlybird Ticket  for the three day event 17th-19th April paid before 21st December 2019 : £210 (no longer available)
  • Nolava Ticket paid before 21st March 2020 : £250
  • Avalon Ticket paid between 21st March & 17th April 2020: £270
  • Melissa Priestess Tickets for those helping with parts of the event : £95

Priestesses/Priests of Goddess and Avalon can apply to Kathy if you would like to Melissa this event.

Please bring with you to the Mysterium a small biodegradable offering of seeds, dried flowers, etc, to place on the central altar. On Saturday bring an offering of delicious vegetarian food to offer to the Morgens and outdoor clothing for Saturday evening. Bring personal refreshments throughout the three days if you need them.

Beltane Eve – Community Celebration – Ceremony, Open Mic etc
Apr 30 @ 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Celebrating the coming of the May – one of the Assembly Rooms’ annual Cross Quarter seasonal community events. Entry by Magic Hat donations, to help keep the Assembly Rooms going for all.

Opening ceremony c.8.20 p.m. – followed by open mic floor spots of up to 10 mins each. Songs, stories, poems, tunes etc welcome, especially on a May theme, up to 10 mins each. Contact Craig – or Nathan – in advance to book a slot. First come, first served! 


FFF – Beltane – Folk Singaround in the café
May 7 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Fabulous Furry Folk continues the 2020 season of singarounds in the Lords Of The Wildwood Cafe at the Assembly Rooms, and gigs in the main hall.  Entry to the singaround is £2 for performers and listeners, to cover costs – all are welcome to join the circle with folk songs, tunes or listening ears. A May theme for this singaround is encouraged as this will be astrological Beltane! 2020 will see Fabulous Furry Folk evolving into a fully fledged Folk Club with discounted admission to members, and a monthly raffle, along with other traditional marvels!

Bardic Finals – Gorseth Ynys Witrin – Chairing of the Bard Of Glastonbury
May 19 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Glastonbury’s Bardic College


Gorsedh Circle 2007Gorsedh Ynys Witrin is a Bardic College based in Glastonbury. Our primary focus is to support, promote and honour Pan-Celtic culture, spirituality and creativity within the local community. To this end, we hold a yearly competition to decide the next Bard of Glastonbury and an annual Open Gorsedh ceremony at which the new Bards are publicly invested. We also facilitate irregular Bardic Circle meetings and poetry / music / storytelling evenings where members and guests can share their creativity and offer workshops and performances at various local festivals and events.

In the Celtic Tradition, the term Bard describes a wordsmith or linguist with particular skill in poetry, songwriting or storytelling. The original bards were Iron Age poet-mystics who kept the lore and history of their tribes, held high status and fulfilled an important cultural role. Glastonbury is one of a number of towns in England, which, according to tradition, can elect their own Bard to represent the local arts scene. The use of the word has continued through to modern times, Robert Burns, for example, is referred to as The Bard of ScotlandWilliam Shakespeare, who dramatised the lives of King Lear and Cymbeline is known as The Bard of AvonRobin Williamson has been honoured as the Chief Bard of OBOD and Billy Bragg is sometimes called The Bard of BarkingMore on the history of Bardism …

The Bardic Chair of Ynys Witrin

The Bardic Chair of Ynys WitrinEvery year we hold a  competition to choose the next Bard of Glastonbury and hold an Open Gorsedh ceremony to celebrate creativity and bring new Bards into the College.

Each chaired Bard holds the post for one year and a day, before setting up a competition to elect a successor. The Chair refers to the position but, in some cases, as in Glastonbury and Bath, there is a physical ceremonial chair which is passed down from bard to bard. We also have a blue ceremonial robe and the ceremonial Silver Branch of Ynys Witrin, which are passed on with the title. Each Bardic Chair has its own Celticised name and is frequently associated with a specific location which is often, but not always, a natural or man-made mound or stone circle. Of course in Glastonbury the natural focus is the Tor.

The Rhapsody
Taliesin’s Rhapsody is read to the newly chaired bard.

The contest is open to Poets, Storytellers and Songwriters who compose on a given theme each year. We meet up over the third week in May to celebrate local arts & culture and share in creativity, performances & ceremony. The new Bard is Chaired at the Finals, which are held on St Dunstan’s Day (May 19th) every year.

The Institution of the Bardic Chair of Glastonbury is independent and belongs first and foremost to the people of Glastonbury, regardless of faith, background or politics. The position of Bard of Glastonbury is open to anyone who lives within walking distance of the Tor. We trust that anyone wishing to join us will be sympathetic to the Celtic Tradition from which it claims its heritage. See Rules of the Bardic Trials

Some previous years’ entries can be read in our Poetry archive.

Performers who wish to enter the contest for the Bardic Chair of Ynys Witrin this year must fill in an Official Entry Form, which is usually available from the Library of Avalon, Glastonbury High Street, Somerset. This year’s Open Gorsedh is being organised by the Gorsedh Committee of the Bardic Council of Ynys Witrin. Contact us here for further information.

Previous Winners
Year Theme Chair Crown TSMT
2006 Gwyn ap Nudd: King of the Faeries Tim Hall    
2007 The Nine Maidens Dearbhaile Bradley Merlin of the Woods Steve Potier
2008 The Spirit of Trees Ash David Reakes Theo Simon
2009 All that Glisters is not Gold David Reakes Tony Atkinson Jo Waterworth
2010 Flight Tony Atkinson Phil Stretch Kat Brown
2011 Twelve Giants: The Glastonbury Zodiac Kali Roberts Tim Hall Oshia Drury
2012 The Initiation Gerry Barnett Harmony Davies  
2013 The legend of Prometheus Lisa Goodwin Hugh le Provost and Harmony Davies Graham Coles
2014 The Waters of Avalon Therèse Liddy Stephen Cole Tim Hall
2015 The Twilight of the Gods Wes White Lisa Ceneri Steve Leighton
2016 Tarot theme (The Magician) Sarah Mooney Bruce Garrard
2017 Silence Billy the Celt Silver Pen Michelle Diaz
2018 The Virtues of Humility Becki Nagle Michelle Diaz Jon Cousins

The Bardic Crown was retired in 2016 as the function of Deputy could satisfactorily be covered by other Elders or prizewinners. A prize for written contributions, The Silver Pen, was subsequently proposed by Tony Atkinson and first awarded to Michelle Diaz at the 2018 Open Gorsedh.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (theatre)
Jun 13 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

After a very successful first show during the 2018 Solstice celebrations in Glastonbury, and a brilliant reception at 2019 Glastonbury Fringe, Glastonbury Assembly Rooms will play host to our play of lovers, faeries and players once again!

Join us on June 13th 2020 at the Assembly Rooms for an evening of laughter, entertainment and food for thought. Doors open at 6:30 for a 7pm start.

Ticket information coming soon.
Tickets will likely be sold from The Lords of the Wildwood Community Tea Rooms, Labyrinth Books and The Mystic Garden Gallery on Glastonbury High Street.